Passive House - We are Klimahouse gold! Inspired by nature

Nestled in the magnificent mountain scenery of the Alps, sun-drenched, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, it is our wish and great concern to gently use the resources of nature in order to make a contribution to sustainability. From active and passive use of solar energy, via rainwater harvesting and the use of our own wood from the nearby forest, through to the design of a close-to-nature swimming pond without any chemistry, we hold our nature near and dear!

Our house is south facing and generously glazed. In winter, the low sun helps to heat, in summer it is shaded by our green roofs and generous canopy. The compact design of the house, the extremely good heat insulation as well as an active ventilation with heat recovery reduce energy consumption to a minimum of less than 15 kWh / m² per year. In winter, the cold outside air is preheated by natural geothermal heat, while the warm air is cooled down by the soil in summer. In addition, the rainwater is used for garden irrigation and toilet flushing and a photovoltaic system on the roof provides solar power for our house.

Our NaturResidence Dahoam as an example of sophisticated and sustainable architecture in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The attempt to pick up old concepts and traditions and to put a new spin on them has produced clean lines by using local materials. Sustainability is connected with architecture and design.

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