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Arrive, take a deep breath, and enjoy...

You can take that for granted at Dahoam: Basking in the golden sunlight on the spacious wooden terrace, enjoying a cozy evening next to the crackling wood-fired space heater in the chalet, relaxing in the sauna, strolling through the garden, pausing for a moment of reflection at the natural pool…

Personal, private, cozy, and individual

If you are seeking pure relaxation, then Dahoam is the place for you! Here at this home-away-from-home, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the pristine mountain air, admire the high-quality architecture with its highly innovative design, and of course take in the stunning view of the valley and the surrounding impressive landscape.

At Dahoam, every guest is free to spend his days as he likes best. That's because there are countless options to choose from: You can pass the time in the cozy indoors and admire the beautiful wintertime landscape outside your window, or splash around in the swimming pond during the summer while the sun shines on your face and your face is caressed by the sweet scent of the larch trees.

In any case, Dahoam is filled with a special magic during every season of the year.


In one of the five apartments or two chalet units, you can enjoy the fantastic view of the Meran / Merano valley basin. The furnishings all display a pronounced ATTENTION TO DETAIL, both inside and out, combining contemporary style with sustainability. This home-away-from-home was built with an eye to conservation and sustainability, and blends seamlessly into the landscape. It's your home-away-from-home, an esthetically-pleasing and environmentally-aware holiday retreat where you can relax and restore your soul – but also have fun.

Enjoy a RELAXING breakfast

The perfect start of a wonderful day of holiday fun
Enjoy a cozy and private breakfast in your apartment. No stress, no labels, PURE ENJOYMENT with our convenient breakfast package…

Enjoy the PEACE

Why not just stretch out and SIMPLY RELAX? You'll find that easy at Dahoam....

Observe and DISCOVER

Explore the great outdoors and the beautiful environs of Schenna
This village nestled on the slope above Meran / Merano is the ideal place for easy strolls or extensive hikes, both in the warmer and the cooler seasons of the year. Our Dahoam has a peaceful and quiet location that makes it an excellent starting-point for a variety of ACTIVITIES FOR EVERY TASTE: You can embark on a journey of discovery by electric bicycle, undertake hikes into the Hirz area, or go on an outing in the Meraner Land.


... for an unforgettable holiday experience

A PLACE OF PEACE AND QUIET where you can kick up your feet and relax.
There's room to spread out. To relax. To arrive and forget your day-to-day concerns. Enjoy the view. Live life at the pace you choose.
A modestly-sized vacation retreat WITH AN INDIVIDUAL FLAIR.

Your home-away-from-home close to nature, and open for new ideas.

Pichlerstr. 26

39017 Schenna

Südtirol Italien



Tel: 0039-349-5086753


© Dahoam Naturresidence/Chalet

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