in our NaturResidence Dahoam.

Enjoy your holiday in Schenna’s first passive house and the first one in South Tyrol that earned 5 suns, which stand for high quality and standard.

Celebrate this event with us!

Family Dosser-Brunner


Dahoam Naturresidence Pichlerstr. 26                  Dahoam Chalet Hofweg 1 39017 Schenna

Telefon 0039 349 5086753



NEW  our Dahoam Chalet   

Finally… at home (dahoam)


The scent of water lilies and local larch wood, the beautiful view of the valley, inside and outside merge into each other. The NaturResidence Dahoam combines nature, naturalness and comfort.

The prospect of something new

Out of conviction

Energy-efficient holidays in apartments that are characterized by clean lines and natural materials - we invite you to experience the feeling of living in our passive house Dahoam!

The generous opening to the south and west, the use of renewable resources, the ecological thought to save energy as well as to ensure a good and comfortable living environment - the NaturResidence Dahoam offers space, comfort, rest, relaxation and makes a contribution to the environment at the same time!